Second chance

When Ravana stood emptyhanded in his fight against the omnipotent, Lord Ram said, “Leave today; fight tomorrow.” But Lord Vishnu in his next incarnation did it differently when Karna was defenseless. Hitler gave a halt-order which helped the English and French troops to retreat and head for their trip from Dunkirk, which remains a conspiracy. In the movie “Gladiator”, Maximus refuses to kill his opponent in the pre-ultimatum fight, when the whole colosseum yells the other way. Kauravas gave innumerable attempts to Dharma for reclaiming what he lost in the game of dice. It is a popular cinematic act, where MGR gives three chances before he rips his enemies apart. Kannaki accepted her desire driven husband when he came back after losing his entire wealth. In Kolkatta, when the mammoth gave the underdogs a follow-on, a chance to choke the latter, the reverse happened.

The above are all relatable incidents of second chances; but none are alike from the givers’ perspective. A dramatic start to this blog sets the context, as I try to understand the dynamics of the mind of the giver, since the giver calls the shot in every second chance. From the taker’s side, a second chance often instills hope and vigor to do things right or inflicts anger for being conceived as timid or confuses whether to take or not. In each of the example given above, a possible thought process of the giver transpires alternative reasoning. Since, you have come so far, why not give me a second chance by reading it fully 🙂

Ram did not ask Ravana to leave the battlefield as he wanted the latter to live. The same is evident because Ram actually killed Ravana later. Ram left him to maintain purity in his soul and not to let bad blood taint his outlook. For the world, Ram did so, as he wanted to demonstrate true grit and stand an example for being righteous. Hitler’s halt order could be of similar class, but it is not a parallel, as the results were opposite and for the obvious reason that it was Hitler and not Lord Ram.

Maximus allowed his opponent to survive even when the King signals him to kill the opponent. It was not the kindness in his mind that let him do so, as he was a swordsman who killed hundreds in the battlefield. It was his political motive to win the hearts of the people to reason his subsequent murder which made him give the second chance.

It was an obvious trap when Duryodhana and his uncle allowed Dharma to proceed with the wager one after another. Every chance was a bait, which drowned Dharma. Every chance given to Dharma, was a step closer to bringing dishonor for his wife and to seek revenge for humiliation, for Duryodhana. Was Duryodhana the giver of chances or the one taking it?

When the Aussies were well over 270 runs ahead of the rookies, they might have thought they can repeat the first innings and get back home for early supper. The chance they gave to Indian batsmen was not for building an innings, but to choke them easily, as history says winning from following on is like catching flies at night without light. Did Aussies give India a chance or give themselves a chance for early win?

In every single instance, the one who offers a second chance is also the one who takes it. What is it one gets by giving a subsequent chance to another? Many, depending on each case, as said above. It could be a tiny satisfaction of being magnanimous to a mighty test of character. But what is more beautiful and equally terrifying is that the giver without knowing the other end of the act, success or failure, gain or loss, gives a chance.

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Be simple!!! Be good!!!



If God were to reach out and inform us that equality would be restored in terms of abilities and resources, some of us would not be willing to accept it. Foremost reason is either those would lose the advantage they have, or their advantage would lose its value. The other reason, which is not tangible, is more often deep down we feel good by placing ourself better than others by comparison in various parameters such as wealth, intelligence, appearance, strength and what not. In such a mentality, if on one fine day everybody would become equal i.e. we being deprived of the superiority feeling, some of us may not be able to accept such a change. Hence, there is a picture, though foggy, that people crave to be better than SOMEBODY else. But what is unclear is that whether we long to be better for ourselves, for self-acceptance or to earn the respect of others? What is also unclear is the subject being compared with? For a moment, let us ignore those never-satisfied souls in the above population who tend to always compare with superior and feel small/ low/ inferior.


I came across an advertisement which marketed a product by specifying that the same is used/ experienced/ visited by people of higher class (exact word is changed). A product, which is being sold in same form by thousands of shops and could be purchased anywhere by anyone, is marketed by stating that people of higher class buy there. I was confused, rather shocked to see a regular product/ experience is sold along with the feeling that the customer belongs to a better class. That brings a confusion, whether target customers are really narrow minded or the marketers perceive them to be so. The third possibility is marketers trying to cultivate this thought into the minds of the market and make it a part of consumerism. I laughed at myself for even thinking that a rational customer would absorb the additional cost of a marketer, who just tries to create this intangible non-existent experience, placed on the product. The self-criticism was short-lived, as we are all aware of successful existence of business/ institution that practices the above indirectly by way of over pricing. The question is simple, whether a product is priced based its quality or to make it available to select people. The question is incomplete. To rephrase, whether a customer wants the seller to price a product for its quality or for keeping the product as a limited edition.


I have been curious to see the short-term behavioral change when people visit the above places for the first time. The guy who was outside is not the one inside. He tries to act normal as he doesn’t want to be identified as a person who doesn’t belong there.  He observes the practices in the place – how the customers and service providers/ sellers treat each other, any privileges, so on and so forth. He tries to buy something and leaves the place. When the automatic door closes behind him, ending the supply of cool air, for a moment, he feels like he was cleansed after a bath in Ganges. Cleansed of all his mediocre experiences. The above need not be criticized; let the guy satisfy his mental requirement. But what happens next raises eyebrows. He tries to portray himself as a regular to such place and criticize/ acts with unusual expectations in other places as well. To put it comically, like the comedian in Tamil movie who acts as a Dubai-return. On a serious note, sometimes people watching the above act naturally get propelled to follow our guy, as he clinically performs the act of portraying himself above all, since the need to be better than the peers is inevitable.


Though the existence of above feeling is in the tip of the tongue for many, somewhere we will have to speak out and accept the reality. If our logical thought process leads us to conclusion that such a satisfaction is only a myth, we can move on. But, what if it is true and the devil is very much in existence within us?

In an imperfect world, equality could maximum reach access and opportunities which atleast can be strived to be given to all.

Be simple!!! Be good!!!


The words “Magic” and “Miracle” are sometimes interchangeably used, in a subtle manner. However, magic means the power of influencing events by using mysterious / supernatural forces, whereas miracle means a welcome event which is not explicable by scientific laws and hence, be attributed to the divinity. Couple of differences emerge – while the former could be good or evil, the latter is always a positive outcome (ofcourse, depends on perspectives) and the former is man-made, while the latter is attributed to God. Also, the word magic can be used both as a noun and verb, while the other one cannot be, which also gives a perspective that magic is doable by human, while the latter is not. Even though there are clear differences between magic and miracle, in certain circumstances, I was confused whether I was witnessing a magic or a miracle. I have just captured some memories which sent me into deep thoughts.

I was coming back to my home in a cab with my parents and we were waiting in a signal. There was an old woman, who was asking for alms to me. I refused to pay her, even attention, as I felt it was usual in traffic signals, and was waiting for the signal to turn green. I felt a touch of a paper on my hand and turned to check what it was. It was the driver. He handed me a ten rupee note to give it to the old woman. I was confused; whether to appreciate his generosity, as he would’ve come across a lot of them but still gave her ten rupees or to pity myself. With these thoughts, the entire journey was over. When we got down, the phone indicated a charge of INR 85 and I handed over a hundred rupees note to the driver. He checked his purse and few other places where he felt he would have kept money, to give me the balance. There was no money; not even a penny. Disappointed, he got down the cab to change the note which I gave and give me the balance. I convinced him to retain the balance. I was astonished by two aspects – the driver, without even checking if he has money, offered to help the old woman and he did not expect pity or appreciation from me to retain the balance as I witnessed him being generous.

Again in the same traffic signal, but on the opposite side, I was rushing to office, as it was already late. I was standing behind the stop line, as there were vehicles even beyond it. When the timer went below 20 seconds, people started to horn and go beyond the stop line. I was astonished to see their readiness and impatience. I moved my vehicle so that others could pass. Suddenly, the horns started to sound very high. A guy, waiting in his bike 10 feet away from me, refused to go beyond the line, even though there was space in front of him.  It looked as if he was also on his way to office. To add, he kept his bike in such a way that he blocked people from going ahead. There was voices from the people behind asking him to move. He did not move a step. Immediately, when the signal turned green, he took off. As I was thinking about this, I got caught in the next signal – again the same guy stood behind the stop line and didn’t move a step. I saw him sometime later in that week in another traffic signal. Many people take rules for granted; very few follow it, but keep it with themselves. Only people like this guy takes efforts to teach the herd.

That was the time when the rain poured as if there was no storage space in sky. Houses, roads, shops and the whole infrastructure was desecrated. On an evening, when the street was pliable, we saw a volunteer family offering food packets, as a car was driven next to them to carry the food. They were so soft spoken and offered food very pleasantly. As we had food, we did not collect anything from the volunteers, but just conveyed our happiness to see their support. That moment, we saw a middle aged man with stiff face standing right outside our house. He told the volunteers in a very straight tone, not to offer food if food was available and also restricted the generosity of the volunteers. It was very odd. We felt that he was interfering with the volunteers, as they carried out the service. When the car reached the end of the street, we were not able to see the stiff faced man. He was on the corner of the street near the car. Out of curiosity, I went to see what this man was upto. When I reached the corner, I saw another car with similar arrangement coming out of the other street towards us. The man was instructing the volunteers about the next streets and also checking on the supplies. I understood that he was the one who arranged for everything. As the two cars moved in different directions, there was another car with volunteers on its way to him. Being self-less at this era is a rare sight; that too not claiming credit for one’s own act and being focused on charity is rarest of rare sights.

It was an early morning pick-up and the cab was late. Once the cab arrived, I got into seat next to the driver and checked with him about the delay. He gave me some vague answers and started the drive. After 15 minutes, as I normally do, checked with him on the rentals and what he takes home. He gave me a rough estimate and did not give any clear numbers. He added that he was not very sure because he was the owner of the cab and he operates a fleet of 15 cars. I was slightly taken aback on hearing it. He received a call in which he gave permission to advance cash to one of his drivers. He continued to explain how the cab industry works – investments, returns and driver management. I felt that I was talking to a guy who knows what he does. He said that the delay was owing to his driver not turning up for duty. So for not letting down the customer requirement, he himself picked me up. He also added that the driver informed he was not feeling well; but he knew that he was going to attend a function in his relatives place. Still, when he had asked money for treatment, he had asked the cashier to give him some money. I was shocked to hear what he said. He added, at the end of the day, what mattered was whether the people around you were happy – family, drivers, customers. I just looked at him. He asked whether he said something wrong. I think he summarized and simplified a very complex philosophy.

All the above deeds were of worldly human beings. Hence, by literal meaning, all these were magic created by super human attributes such as extreme love and affection, care and understanding, discipline and obedience, content and selflessness. After all thoughts, I felt these people display magic in their everyday living and hence, they are the finest examples of the miracles that was caused by divinity. I think I have witnessed a lot many of them. I would like to stay confused.

P.S. for the sake of readability, some acts are altered and in some places perspectives are modified.

Be simple!! Be good!!

If there was a different world !!!!

Multiverse, as the name suggests, is a possibility of existence of multiple universes. Amongst its various sub-concepts, one is existence of parallel realities. For example, in your reality, you are continuing to read this blog right now; whereas in parallel realities you could have not opened my link or closed after reading the first line and switched on your TV or started reading a book or slept off. In simple terms, parallel reality is co-existence of multiple realities; your present reality in which you feel your existence, plus the possible alternatives. Though the scientific ideology behind it is too complex for me to comprehend, the phenomenon is intriguing. In a parallel universe, you are already confused as to whether this is a science blog. “No, it isn’t”

Keeping things at lighter note, assuming you had a lonely Friday evening favourite movie plan which went as planned.  What happened in your parallel reality could show how different the events could have been.

@ 6 PM – the miserable one

You were continuously alt+tabbing to avoid your colleagues from spotting the plan. Your neighbour whom you hate found it and without invitation, decided to book extra ticket. You felt, “booking a ticket so close to the show itself is a Himalayan task and in that an extra luggage as well”. There was one ticket in the farthest row and two tickets just three rows away from the screen. You thought of booking the farthest ticket and dumping your neighbour; but you were not able to because of the intruder. Cursing the Gods, you blocked those two tickets, and turned back to your neighbour for bank details; atleast pushing the liability to the new entrant. The seat was vacant  Fear of losing those tickets as well and ending up not watching the movie, you paid for both the tickets. Your desk phone rang; so did the neighbour’s. You thought you can answer the other one in a second and then pick your call. Incidentally, the call for your neighbour was from your boss. As your boss had something urgent business, you were called in for a discussion. You rushed without checking the call you received. The discussion prolonged for more than half an hour, when your neighbour sent a message asking for the tickets and you can meet at the theatre once the discussion was over. You were certain that the discussion would prolong for another 15 to 20 minutes, after which you will have some work which had to be completed immediately. You sent the ticket message to the unintended spoiler of your plan and also added a note that you would not be able to make it to the movie. You were wondering in the middle of the discussion how did you end up making someone else’s Friday evening eventful by spoiling yours and also paid for that. End of the discussion at 7 PM, you had your ‘to do’ list for your weekend.

@ 6 PM – the other one

You were continuously alt+tabbing to avoid your colleagues from spotting the plan. Your neighbour whom you hate found it and without invitation, decided to book extra ticket; you felt, “booking a ticket so close the show itself is a Himalayan task and in that an extra luggage as well”. There was one ticket in the farthest row and two tickets which was just three rows away from the screen. You thought of booking the one ticket and dumping your neighbour; but you were not able to because of the intruder. Cursing the Gods, you blocked those two tickets, and turned back to your neighbour for bank details; atleast pushing the liability to the new entrant. The seat was vacant  Fear of losing those tickets as well and ending up not watching the movie, you paid for both the tickets. Your desk phone rang; so did the neighbour’s. You ignored the other phone and answered yours. It was your secret crush in office, informing that your plan for the movie was spotted and checked if there was an extra ticket. You turned back to see your neighbour; who answered the call and rushed to your boss’ cabin. You gave an overwhelmingly positive response to your call and informed that you can leave together from office at 630. On the other side, you were also thinking about the response for your neighbour. Without a convincing response or a lie, you felt you would end up being constantly pointed out. It was 625 and you dropped a message to your neighbour that you were leaving for the theatre, still thinking about a reason. At 630, as you walked out of the door and got down to the parking lot, your crush was already waiting there. Your phone beeped for a message alert that the intruder would be held up in office due to work, asking you to carry on. The message did not have an apology; but it didn’t matter at all for you.

Your normal plan, which did not have any pleasant or unpleasant twists or turns, could have been so different in another universe, if parallel reality is true. If one event could itself be so different and have endless possibilities, a series of permutations and combinations of different events in our life and others’ would lead to millions of alternative realities, where on one end you would be the most fortunate person with everything happening as per your wish and on the other, ending up as the most unfortunate person.

The possibility that you would be richer than the richest person and be loved and be famous, everyone being just and true, wars and oppression not preferred by the powerful in different universes or a combination of all these in some universe itself gives an inexplicable positive feeling. When you grow too confident and proud, you can remind yourself that there would also be a universe where all these are in the opposite – you being the poorest and the most hated person and so on and so forth, which makes us feel that we are fortunate to be in our present reality. Although it is a theoretical possibility and purely hypothetical, the philosophical outcomes of accepting its existence could be fascinating, isn’t it?

P.s. Take a minute off your busy life. Close your eyes and imagine something that you believe is not even remotely possible in your life. Take a breath. Can you accept or believe that you could be really experiencing it in some other universe?

 – Be simple!! Be good!!

Perceptions – a perspective!!

In Mahabharatha, when Dharma and Duryodhana went for a walk to understand their subjects, the former identified them as noble and kind, whilst the latter was of the opinion that everybody was cruel and bad. The understanding given to us about both, made us think that their perception was driven by their inner nature. Without denial to the above, what if, there could be a possibility of other way round. What if, the act of perceiving his subjects to be good made Dharma a better person.

There is an old tamil saying that a snake understands/ knows the trail of its kind. The saying connotes that people with similar background, ideology would be able to understand the methods of one other, owing to the ability to perceive things in similar way. Again here, there are two aspects – ideology and perception. Whether one’s perception is driven by the ideology developed over a period of time, or whether one’s ability to perceive things would impact his ideology. The first question would invariably be answered positive, whereas the second is the one which raises eyebrows. A cop, develops the ability to perceive things as a thief, for the best of his profession. With such adaptation, the cop becomes well-informed and equipped to deal with situations and people. We would have also heard that if you want to become someone, start seeing/ approaching things as they would. As we start perceiving things like some other person, the knowledge that we gain from the incremental dimension, changes our nature, for better or worse, depending on the person whom we imitate.

It is tough to separate cause and effect in our life, as life is not exact science. In general, our character is the cause for our perception, which is the effect. However, there could be instances where our perception could cause an effect in our nature. Dharma, could have been compelled by the goodness he saw in the world, which made him the most righteous person in the world. Duryodhana, who could have been a normal kid, perceived everyone as immoral, established a standard in his mind based on his perception and grew up to be a villain. A cop who extremely perceives everything as a thief could end up being a paranoid, spotting malice in everyone.

It can be reasoned that perception, either one’s own or an imitation, could have a say in the nature of a person. It would be logical to question our perception, reason and try to fix it. A change in our perception could have unintended, far-reaching impact on our lives and those around us.

There could be a reason for our elders advising us to see the good in everybody and everything, and to be positive in any situation. They want us to be Dharmas of this Yuga.

So, the next time,
– If you wish to develop a habit, say reading, painting or gym, start perceiving them as your friend, colleague or relative who practices it.
– If you want to fix a problem for someone, perceive the problem as such person would.
– If you want to understand why someone loves/ hates something, perceive it through their eyes.
– If you want to know how someone has become loved, famous/ rich/ successful, perceive the world as they would have.
– If you want to know, why I write all these, just ask me 😉

Be simple!! Be good!!

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The path towards realisation starts with acceptance. So, here is a list.

1. Accept that God could make mistakes and you are the finest; that you are not what was intended.
2. Accept the fact that you belong to mankind, which calls itself superior, as there is none to say otherwise.
3. Accept the fact that you are not a super-hero.
4. Accept that you cannot change the world.
5. Accept that there need not be a purpose for your life.
6. Accept that you age and become less shiny and weak.
7. Accept the fact that people may not like you for what you are; they might even hate your existence.
8. Accept that you are hurting people even without any intention.
9. Accept the fact that you can never have what you wanted.
10. Accept the fact that you have to co-exist even if your neighbours are prick.
11. Accept the fact that your friend may not know you fully, nor do you about your friend.
12. Accept to smile from your face at people, for they are well-mannered to do it to you.
13. Accept that rich are worried about things you don’t even care about.
14. Accept that poor are happy and celebrating things that you won’t respect or notice.
15. Accept that you are as good as the world lets you to be; and vice versa.
16. Accept the fact that you cannot always be a good son/ daughter, sibling, lover, parent, friend
17. Accept that the world we live in is a peanut in the universe; also accept that scientists could have lied to us for cutting our ego.
18. Accept that you cannot always do what you want to do.
19. Accept that you cannot always be what you want to be.
20. Accept that you would be bored if you are always happy.
21. Accept that your grief would be bored at you someday.
22. Accept that every tide has an ebb and so does life.
23. Accept that your role model may not be living the life you thought.
24. Accept that your ideal guy could be envying you for your life.
25. Accept that the path to glory is not always easy and clean; that you may not be ready to take it.
26. Accept that many a times people who change the world did not have the idea that they would.
27. Accept that you would back stab, steal someday and reason it. So also accept that you could also be on the other end.
28. Accept that you have already wasted lot of things in your life; and you would continue.
29. Accept the fact that nobody notices you.
30. Accept that your high school friend is successful and you are not.
31. Accept that time was not all prevailing and was invented by mankind; and whatever is created by mankind is meant to perish.
32. Accept the fact that you can never be complete.
33. Accept that hope, faith and belief are good; but not always.
34. Accept that finishing first in class or life has never changed your life for good, but pushed you into another rat race.
35. Accept your neighbours wealth; and you cannot do anything about it.
36. Accept that much of the possibilities in the world becomes impossible for you, depending on your birth.
37. Accept that pleasing yourself is the best and easiest thing you can do than pleasing others.
38. Accept that you don’t look so stunning as your colleague.
39. Accept that money and fear does buy things; which you don’t have.
40. Accept that getting settled in life is just a mirage.
41. Accept that one can never be satisfied in what they are doing.
42. Accept that there would not be any fun/ interest if the world is made of perfect people.
43. Accept that other planets are never worried about your life; until you get worried about theirs.
44. Accept that you have a mediocre life and that’s how it would be.
45. Accept that your life couldn’t be better; nor worse.
46. Accept that you can’t know, understand everything.
47. Accept the fact that what you are does not make any difference in life.
48. Accept that the ability to have everything in the world bows down to the ability to not want anything.
49. Accept that in the battle of good and malice, the law of stronger one winning would always prevail; nobility does not give any additional points.
50. Accept the fact that happiness is a state of mind and it is never constant; nobody is always happy.

Accept that the above list is not exhaustive and you could have your own.
Accept that accepting one or more of the above would change your perspective towards life.

Be simple!! Be good!!

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On the other end of the spectrum

I saw a movie on the rise of a great cricketer in the weekend. More than the making, it was the person who was portrayed that left me awestruck and gave me goosebumps [felt the same way when he walked into the stadium with loud cheers for a match]. It shows how large the life of a celebrity is, even though the person is celebrated for a limited period of time.

Came home and turned on the TV. It was Manoj’s magnum opus on the interaction of two contrasting lives. Two men who were like two sides of a coin. Say, two ends of the spectrum… A thoughtful movie – Indeed, it provoked a thought in my mind.

An all celebrated, mass-following hero like the cricketer on one side. Who is on the other side?
A person whom we long to see or meet, but could never do so, on one side. Who would be on the other side?
An inspiring empowered proud person on one side. Who the hell is on the other end?

The thought left me in a strange vacuum, silence. To my surprise, I heard a voice, might be an oracle…

“It’s me. I am always near you. I see you daily on the roads leaving for office or shops. I see you buying things. I see you here, there, everywhere. I see you happy and sad. I see your family and friends. I may not know you, but I am always next to you.

“You don’t recognise me? I drive your cabs and autos, do your laundry and dishes, pick up garbage. Or sometimes I am jobless, resting in streets and watch myself deteriorate day-by-day in a puddle. I drive the tricycles or old moped that you don’t notice. I wear torn worn-out clothes. If I am wearing clean clothes, then it would definitely be the uniforms that you gave me. I help you move your things when you shift houses. I take food orders from you, serve them and also sit at cashier’s desk. I help you with directions when you are lost in the street. I am neither young nor old. Neither man nor woman, I am.

“Still, you don’t remember, do you? I deliver you newspapers and milk every day. I also deliver water cans to your house, twice a week. I wish you when you enter your office. I guard your dwelling in untimed shifts. I help you with your parking and operate lifts. I sell food and balloons in the beach. I guard places which I can never enter, things that I can never possess. I am always tired, my face is seldom bright and I never appear healthy.

“I think now you would realise that I exist. I am the most prevalent person in the world, but the least noticed. I am the most hard-working person, but least appreciated and remunerated. But still, every day I start working before you wake up and I finish after you sleep. I am liberally scolded and yelled at by you. I would still blame my fate and try to serve you better and make your life easy. Sulking over my unlucky life, I would still live my life. It would never even come to my mind that the world wouldn’t function without me.

“I am the answer to your question, ain’t I? In the weighing scale, pride and praise on one side is balanced by suffering and disapproval on the other. Even if one is lesser, the scale would fall.”

Suddenly, the voice stopped, as I heard a knock on the door. I heard our maid informing me that she was going to wipe the corridor floor and wanted me to watch out for wet floor to avoid any slipping. I went to open the door, which I normally would not, and saw that she had already gone to her work, unnoticed.

Be simple!! Be good!!

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Oops!! I am back…

It’s been sometime since I’ve used a keyboard to work.  My name is DK41753647 aka X715.  In our time, those alpha numeric combination meant Aravind. And, by our time, I mean year 2132 A.D.  Took sometime to convince me (the other guy – he is still awestruck) that we both are same and the only difference is that I’ve spent 117 years more and I look a bit younger than him!!!

We do time travel a lot easier nowadays, no hassle.  However, there are certain pre-conditions for time travels.  We aren’t supposed to reveal specific personal future happenings to our past self, which I wouldn’t.  It could have impact on me, as knowledge of future could tempt me to change course in the past. Other than that, I can reveal awful lot of significant information 😉

70 – 80 years from now you’ll see a surge in the number of people you see around yourself.  It was 14 billion then.  You’ll be numbered.  Mine was DK41753647.  Food and water became luxury.  There were pills that kept people from starving, which was of not much use.  There were massive protests, chaos and it was a massacre.  And, then came these inventions. I would rather call them invasions.  Discovered life sources in couple of planets – Venus was too hot, so it was decided that Mars would be explored.  At a huge spend, with a couple of space bridges and hundreds of carriers, in a matter of 10 years, billions of people were transported.  Lucky people, they say the climate is so mild – I think they installed some climate controllers too for them.  A planned planet it was!!

I thought it didn’t matter to me because I was aged by then.  However, the Mars invasion also gave an advantage – access to a very special indigenous herb.  It was believed that it could effect cellular level age reversal and blah blah blah… They wanted volunteers.  I thought it would be adventurous and volunteered.  Several other people also volunteered.  Again, I was numbered – X715.  Bloody group of scientists – They cracked it and I’ve spent almost quarter of a century after that as a young guy.

After stepping foot on Mars, there was no looking back.  Inventions on a daily basis.  Breakthroughs on a weekly basis.  Gadgets get updated on real time.  You know what we can get synchronized with devices, share memory, speak in languages by a simple language converter attached to our brains.  Things have gone way beyond our daily imaginations.

Our cities are not measured by square kilometers.  But in heights.  A city lives in a building.  Didn’t get it, did you?  Every city is allocated fixed space within which anything has to be constructed.  To accommodate more people, the administrators can’t breach the perimeters, but has to construct additional floors on top.  I am acrophobic, so chose to buy a space on the 83rd floor.

Things are really good there.  Thanks to science and to people who are able to understand and harness it.  Beyond all these, the knowledge of longer life, with inventions that make it even longer, has left a sense of calmness and reduced haste in the way of living.  Especially, for people who didn’t know that their life would be prolonged.

For all, there is a future, a bigger and brighter one.  And for the one who is sitting next to me, crying not to spam our blog, get me a space, I am planning to live good old days and lets frighten more people (ofcourse blog more)

1. Apologies for the tense – my past will be your future.
2. If someone who resembles you, strangely watches you standing in the corner of your street, office or play area, it could be yourself from the future 🙂

Be simple!! Be good!!

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Making peace within ourself

In a world where opportunities are stolen, needs and sufferings are neglected, love and respect is corrupt, words and actions are deceptive, emotions and successes are measured, empathy and sympathy are forgotten, and systems and beliefs are unquestioned, the time that we spend alone trying to keep silence for the countless questions raised on us by ourself on our inactions is our inferno.

We see all these happening around us.  A perplexity arises within ourself when we encounter such things, whether to step in or walk away.  In the end, we keep our mouth shut, hands dug deep in our pockets and walk away.  We gulp our drive to live our life atleast for a moment showing the rage that has been latent in us for ages.  Every such act of us lies deep within us latching on our soul and itching us every minute.

However, we try to keep the agony and guilt at bay by giving reasons. Or, by way of an isolated act of goodness that we would have done, to convince ourself that we are good and not a part of the herd.  After all, everyone thinks they are not a part of the herd, but the moment we start reasoning our act of unkindness we become a part of another which finds reasons for wrongful acts.  The twin-minded herd which knows its mistakes and also tries to make peace within itself by giving reasons.

Yes… It all starts with a simple reason… The best example for our isolated act of goodness is charity.  More often, the charity that we do is not out of empathy, not out of the love that we have for the receiver, not even out of our understanding about the needy, but to redeem our own self.  To get our dying soul one more day to live.  To have a peaceful sleep at night. To make peace with ourself.  Just like in arithmetics, as we reduce a negative by adding a positive number and get closer to zero, we net off our inactions with our reasons to reach status quo.

We fail to understand that the demon that is going to live a life within us could be the product of our first such reason.  Everytime when we reason our actions and inactions, it grows in strength.  Once reasons instantaneously follow our guilt to sedate the goodness in us, giving us momentary relief and we move on in our life, that’s the time we fail to understand that even the leftover morality in us is paralysed.  From then on, the two sides of our mind is never in a state of disagreement.  Everytime malevolence is justified and deviation from the path of righteousness is tolerated. From then, righteousness is misunderstood and becomes occasional.

Eventually, “We are as good as the world leaves us to be”, becomes the concluding line for every occasional disagreement within us.  Making peace within ourself becomes our habit.  Trained we would be in dealing with our daily guilt.  And, atlast we try not to think about virtues and slowly forget it.

The rant goes on and on…

Be simple!! Be good!!

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Moments – His last few

Can’t sense the wrinkles in my face for I’ve already lost my senses,
Can’t be sure if my kin are around me for I am already confined to solitude,
Can’t tell my son and his wife that I am contended in my life and I am leaving with peace,
Can’t share my experiences to the world anymore…
Can’t tell anybody, “See… I did this…”

With my memories of the past eight decades as my sole companion, I am traveling these last few hours of my journey of life,
What would I think of in these hours, from my abundant experiences, though only few come to my mind – Oh God! I am perplexed – I believe these are the most useful hours for me…

The hands of my mom that comforted me when I was grieving and when I was in agony,
Those bicycle rides with my father, which taught me more than I can ever learn by myself,
Playtime with my brothers,
Sister’s care and affection,
Teachers who always wanted me to be in their class,
Friends who always wanted to share my place, food and humour,
The love that later evolved into my marriage, she was the strongest person in the world as she endured me the longest,
Tender touch of my son on his first day and the way he carried me – the last thing which I remember,
Office – it happened, wasn’t so successful, though happy because of people out there,
Neighbours aren’t just neighbours… friends and family they are…

Oh, should I think about the day when my Son told me about his love… His love was beautiful – Just like ours
Or, his daughter who is as bright as sunshine…
Or, should I think about the time which I spent thinking about the past after my retirement…
Or, should I think about me failing to tell my love and stay with her, when she passed away…

Oh my God… Never was I confused like this… Perhaps, I should’ve planned this much earlier… But I didn’t know that I would be lying like this… who in this wide world knew… I don’t have much time…

Those who knew who I was, are gone already…
Kids here just know me as a sick old man…
People change but memories won’t…

Fast, flees the time…
Giving lesser time for anyone to sail the sea of life…
To learn one’s self, understand fellow beings, thank and be grateful, to love and be loved, to help one another – there is no time…
So let’s stop complaining and live life as it is… Atleast, you would not be whining about the time wasted …
Badly want to tell this to the people around me… But not possible even if I muster the last few drops of life in me…

I feel its getting dark and cold out here…
I believe, I shall linger in the memories of others for sometime, before fading into oblivion…

Let time and tide wait for none…